Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When Did Raese Move to Pennsylvania?

OK, It is about what I expected from the so-called leadership of my Party.  Can you say I'm embarrassed?  Just goes to show how out of touch with West Virginia the Republican Party has been and will continue to be.  My Party seems to like WV because we have historically been a Democratically controlled state.  But in the past few Presidential elections we have gone Republican. 

Now that Byrd is gone, they see our fine State's empty Senate seat as a way to pick up a vote without having to give much in return.  Mark my words, if Raese wins, WV's needs will be put at the bottom of the list.  If the Democrats control the Senate, they will give Raese little.  If the Republican's control the Senate, they will give Raese only enough to quell a backlash in two years when this Senate seat is once again up for grabs.

Here is a link to more info on Palin's gaffe, courtesy of "The Charleston Gazette's Squawk Box Blog"

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