Saturday, October 2, 2010

Manchin Vs. Raese

Oh Joy!  What a fine contest this is.  On one side you have the current Democratic Governor of the State of West Virginia battling it out against the most widely known Republican Businessman from the State.  Let the attack ads begin.

For those of you outside the state, this contest is for the unexpired term (a little more than two years) for the US Senate seat held by the late Robert C. Byrd.

The recent polls have indicated that the Republican, Raese, has come up to make the race a toss up.  The problem is, I have no idea where Raese stands on issues.  On one hand he says he will take orders from us, the residents of West Virginia.  On the other hand, he says he is opposed to just about everything Obama and the Democrats have done in the last two years.

Manchin has a track record as an elected official.  Raese has a track record as a businessman and for losing Senate races.

I hope we West Virginians make the correct choice for our State.

What do you think?

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