Sunday, August 29, 2010

WV Senate Race

In case you did not know, West Virginia held their primary election for the unexpired United States Senate seat left open when Robert C. Byrd passed away in late June.

It was no surprise that voting was sparse.  Between 10 and 11 percent of registered voters bothered to go out and vote.  I attribute it mostly to voter apathy.  Most voters figured that the Republicans would vote John Raese, and that the Democrats would vote Joe Manchin.  So those voters decided not to ruin their perfectly good Saturday by going out to vote. 

In my opinion, this will be a pretty boring election for Senate here in West Virginia.  On one hand, you have the sitting Governor whose campaign money comes from Big Coal.  On the other hand, you have a Big Business backed candidate who has unsuccessfully run for Senate twice before.

The only candidate not beholding to special interests is the weakest candidate, Jesse Johnson of West Virginia's Mountain Party.

I am sure we will see Sarah Palin here in the state (oh joy) or at least her PAC's money.  Yet another example of West Virginia being preyed upon by outside interests.

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