Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hicks? We're Hicks?

According to The Charleston Gazette article, the "hick" ads continued.  While it is disturbing that the Republican Senatorial Committee who paid for the ad thought so little of West Virginia, the US Senate, and the People of West Virginia, it is more disturbing that the West Virginia State Republican Chairman said he had "no problem" with the ad.

So the Republicans have no problem belittling the voters.  How many of the Republican Senatorial Committee have been to West Virginia and met it's people?  Do they even care? 

So, since the "so called" leaders of my party do not feel the need to apologize to West Virginians, I will.  It was a stupid idea for a stupid ad.  And it never should have been broadcast anywhere.

I will be voting for Manchin on election day.  You can vote they way you want.  I am tired of being treated like a two year old, a hick, a hillbilly, and a dupe.  Maybe if my party would try talking to people instead of at them, they would have more success in the state.

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