Monday, February 22, 2010

My kids are better that the U.S. Senate!

And I would hope so.

This morning as I was taking my children to before care, I was listening to NPR.  They were talking about how the Senate is having trouble getting work done because of the threat of filibustering on the part of the Republicans in the Senate. 

They mentioned possible solutions...  Tom Harken's resolution to change the number of votes to close debate (prevent filabuster) from 60 to 51.  The only problem with the resolution is that it will take 67 votes to pass.  They mentioned that Joe Biden as President of the Senate could throw out the Senate Rules - all of them.  I don't think this will happen because if they can't agree on legislation, what makes you think that they won't be fussing and feuding over the Senate Rules for the next two or three years.

It is time for you guys (and gals) in the Senate to work together.  Take a lesson from my children.  They seldom agree on things (at least that is the way it seems).  My listening to NPR this morning was a violation of the Car Radio Rules.  When I realized it and put it on my daughter's channel as the rules dictate I was expecting a fight.
That did not happen.  What happened instead was that my son and daughter worked out a compromise where she got her channel the rest of the way this morning, and on the way home this evening.  My son gets the radio channel of his choice tomorrow both ways.  No fuss, no fight, problem solved.

Can you guys (and gals) in the Senate do the same thing?  I hope so, because that is what the American People want you  to do.  Not the Democratic or Republican Americans, but all of US!

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