Saturday, April 5, 2008

West Virgina Primary Election

In the upcoming Primary election in West Virginia, there is going to be a lot of angry Republican voters. They will come to the polls to vote for the candidate of their choice for President and be told that Republicans in West Virginia have already made that choice at the WVGOP Presidential Convention on February 5th.

I don't know what the State Republican Party was thinking when they planned the Convention, but I can speculate. The held the convention so that "they" (the state committee and Mr. Blankenship) could put throught the candidate of their choice regardless of how the majority of registered Republican voters in the State felt. I'm sure there was backroom wheeling and dealing.

The upshot is that they have taken away any incentive for Republican voters in the Mountain State to come out to the polls for the primary. This will help out the State Party, backroom approved candidates for local and state offices.

Next time - please do not hold a convention for chosing the Presidental Candidate. Let the people decide, not Big Money!


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